Could battery-powered hybrid televisions be the way of the future?

We are all familiar with how batteries power laptops and Priuses (Prii). But could batteries also be used in devices such as televisions to help improve energy efficiency?

It’s just a random thought, based around an idea I’m calling ‘timeshifted energy‘ or ‘energy harvesting‘. In simple terms it’s about harvesting energy at a more efficient time and in a more efficient way, siloing that energy in batteries, and calling on it to replace (or supplement) energy-draw during peak use.

Simply by drawing energy in off-peak times for use in peak-times has its benefits. But what really interests me is whether there could be energy saved by harvesting over a longer period (eg. 20 hours while the device is idle), for a use-period of say 4 hours?

I have a feeling that the law of conservation of energy is probably being violated in that thought process somewhere. And it wouldn’t be my first run-in with that particular law. Plus there will be some energy loss around the storage/retrieval process. Nevertheless, I like the thought.

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