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But Google is doing that!

I was in lunch the other day with all round cool guy Noah Kagan (AppSumo dude), and sure enough while talking about one of my projects I heard a ‘but…’ shot from one of the poeple sitting across the table….

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The End of Files – the biggest revolution in computer usability since the GUI?

I’m making a call to predict the end of files as we know them. My relationship with computer files is on the rocks. They’re ugly. They’re messy. They multiply like rabbits. And I can never remember where I ‘file’ the…

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Could battery-powered hybrid televisions be the way of the future?

We are all familiar with how batteries power laptops and Priuses (Prii). But could batteries also be used in devices such as televisions to help improve energy efficiency? It’s just a random thought, based around an idea I’m calling ‘timeshifted…

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